Empty Bowls Sponsored by Clay Arts Utah

Empty Bowls Utah is sponsored by:

Clay Arts, Utah

These bowls are objects made with love and good intentions, and are a feel-good way to do something nice for yourself, and feed the local hungry at the same time! I have been a donor and a shopper at Empty Bowls since it started in Salt Lake, and I'm happy to help organize this year's event. This is an amazing way to help out our local community! As a potter, my art is making gorgeous vessels, which are intended to make everyday interactions more meaningful. I love to get my work (literally) into the hands of others. I am happy to donate my art, and my time to this event.

Angie Schneider

Catholic Community Services

A $20 bowl donation would provide for 8.5 meals for homeless persons. This includes costs of incidentals such as dish soap, aluminum foil, etc. Our mission is to give HOPE to people who have little or none. Giving people a hot substantial meal provides them with the ability to think about dealing with their issues. On an empty stomach one’s thoughts are mainly on how can I get something to eat.

Dennis Kelsch

Red Kiln Pottery

We at Red Kiln believe in Empty Bowls, as a great way to pay it forward. We have been participating now for a number of years and have made our Bowl-a-thon an event in itself. We get together, have a party and throw a couple hundred great bowls. Everyone that participates has a great time and gets a great feeling, knowing that they are helping to feed the hungry in our own local community.

David Socwell

Adjusting Sails Dirtworks