Empty Bowls Sponsored by Clay Arts Utah

As always, any size donation of high quality, functional bowls is welcome and appreciated. However, we want to recognize those artists who give $150.00 or more worth of work. Artists who make such generous donations can apply to be featured in Artist Profiles. Each artist profile will include the artist's name and biography, three photos of the artist's work and a picture of the artist. In addition, the artist's signature or chop mark will be prominently displayed, allowing patrons to recognize the artist's work. This is an excellent way to introduce the public to the artist. Artist Profiles will be displayed throughout the Empty Bowls tables, at the information area and on the website. Artists interested in having an Artist Profile must submit an Artist Profile Application Form by April 20th. Early submissions are encouraged. All submissions are contingent on acceptance and the donations being received.

See a sample on the Featured Artist page or contact emptybowls@clayartsutah.org for more information.